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About Us

Welcome to Lunia Wires 'N' mesh

Lunia Wires 'N' Mesh, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India; is a part of Kolkata based "LUNIA" Group which has more than four decades of experience in this industry. Our products have won accolades both domestically and internationally for quality, performance and adherence to delivery schedule.

We are a leading Manufacturers, Dealers, Suppliers and Exporters of Wiremesh and Wirenetting products in India for the last four decades. We are having manufacturing facilities and sales offices throughout India. Our aim is to be a global leader in wire netting.

Quality Policy

Quality control, stage wise inspection and random testing are routine features of our production to ensure near zero rejection. Our Research and Development department ensures the development of new products to meet the ever-growing demand of the industry. Our personnel go through periodic training to aggregate knowledge and keep updated with the latest in technology.

Our flexibility and willingness to develop innovative patterns has inspired our customers to design and develop new products without worrying about the mesh difficulties. This has quite often translated into new and exciting business opportunity for both our customers as well as us.

In LUNIA, we believe in producing the best and yet economical.